Welcome to NRHM:

Welcome to Nazarene Rural Health Ministry, Kaduna (NRHM).


To promote a society in which everybody including poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities have equal opportunities to health care services.


The overriding mission of NAZARENE RURAL HEALTH MINISTRY is to organize and mobilize care and support for those infected and affected by common diseases while promoting preventive activities in the rural communities in Kaduna State.


Aims & Objectives

* To operate a non-for-profit Christian health-care programme, particularly in the non-urban communities of Kaduna State
* To establish clinics, dispensaries, maternities, infirmaries, hospitals, mobile clinics and other health centres for the purpose of providing health-care in the areas of its operation.
* To organise a body of persons in the health care professions as well as non-professionals in those professions on a voluntary basis in pursuance of the achievement of its aims and objectives
* To operate the Ministry as an arm of the overall mission of the Anglican diocese of Kaduna in the areas of its operation.
* To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives including but not limited to interface with international, federal, state, local, health or voluntary bodies or institutions, carrying out of necessary administrative duties, and such like.

Strategic Plan

1. Increase our resources, our capacity and our impact
2. Make a measurable reduction in common diseases affecting and infecting the rural people in the communities within the State.
3. Make a measurable reduction in the incidence and consequences of common diseases affecting children under-5 and pregnant mothers and populace in the rural communities within the State.
4. Promote preventive health care activities in the rural communities in Kaduna State
5. Play a leading role as one of the world’s foremost dedicated faith-based organisations in line with our character and values.

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